Lazise small town situated on the eastern shore of Lake Garda has a very ancient history. Looking at the towers of the Scaliger castle and the ancient city walls if they can recognize the medieval footprints.

The location offers a beautiful old town dotted with small streets and squares in which stands the illustrious Venetian Customs. Nearby you can reach the romantic Verona the main spa resorts and amusement parks.

What to do in Lazise

Those who choose to take a holiday in Lazise it does not only because he loves the water, the beach life and water-related sports, but also for the atmosphere and the aesthetic taste that lingers here. Great in the summer months and children can have fun in the water parks and theme parks, while the lovers of well-being in the Villa dei Cedri thermal park. On the lakefront, beautiful, reminiscent of St. Mark’s Square in Venice, (even more polished), bordering houses and porches with bars, restaurants and shops that are continuing in the narrow streets, some of which retain the name “street.”

Certainly the walk offering Lazise is the most beautiful of all Lake Garda. picturesque corners are also the Piazza V. Emanuele and the harbor, yet animated by fishing boats. What to see in Lazise – Customs House

Built in the fourteenth century, the Customs House of Lazise had different destinations according to the historical period was a control point for goods entering and leaving the territory of Venice, plant for spinning cotton, market, arsenal, manufacturing center of nitro need to composition of gunpowder, House of Fascism. After the restoration of 1973 hosts exhibitions and cultural initiatives, as well as weddings. The customs house, for the Veronese architecture of past centuries is a completely unique building in its shape and size: 43.10 m long and 23.50 m wide, meters high on average. 10, has two arches, 8.75 m wide at the base offers a truly powerful appearance.

What to see in Lazise – The Castle

The Castle of Lazise, ​​built before 1000 in defense of the raids of the Hungarians, was altered several times and fortified, it remains one of the best preserved castles Lake Garda. It has a square plan with five towers and the keep. To the two inputs, in the high tower, the coats of arms of the Scala made chiseling Emperor Maximilian to satisfy the hatred of the inhabitants of Lazise to the power wielded by force by the Scala are still visible. A saying of Lazise People said: “The righteousness of the Mondragon ghe gives wrong those g’ha Rason” commenting on the coat of arms with dragon emblazoned on the walls.

What to see in Lazise – Churches

The church of Saints Zeno and Martino, which dates from 1200 is dedicated to San Zeno, the patron of the Verona church, water and fisheries. At the end of the eighteenth century it was rebuilt to a design by architect Luigi Trezza first, then Francesco Ronzani and houses the altarpiece of San Martino (1828) by C. Dusi, and the Via Crucis (1831) by P. Testoni; the statues on the pediment of the facade are by A. Spiazzi. The St. Nicholas Church was built on the harbor in sec. XII dedicated to St. Nicholas of Bari, revered in the Middle Ages as the patron of schools and seamen. Enlarged in sec. XVI, it was in time, warehouse, barracks, home, theater and cinema. Returned to the cult in 1953, also as a memorial of fallen in war, goes on the exterior north wall of the fourteenth century fresco of the Madonna and Child. During the summer tourist season it is now reserved for the evangelical worship.